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We have created IOTA as a resource to support the emerging areas of fragment-based drug discovery, structure-based drug design, high-content drug screening and lead optimization, key areas of modern drug discovery.

On this page we summarise our key publications and place them in the context of emerging science covering IOTA’s core interests of cancer and infectious disease.

Selected IOTA Publications

Fragment-based drug discovery of phosphodiesterase inhibitors

Mini Perspective on the use of fragment based methods for the design of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, authored by IOTA scientists in collaboration with the University of Cambridge

Phenotypic screening in cancer drug discovery — past, present and future

A paper by Genentech scientists Dr John Moffat and Dr Joachim Rudolph and the IOTA scientist Dr David Bailey, describing the emerging relationships between target-based drug discovery and phenotypic drug discovery in cancer research

Fragment-based screening in tandem with phenotypic screening provides novel antiparasitic hits

VU and IOTA scientists Dr David Bailey and Dr Paul England describe the discovery of new antiparasitic compounds using fragment-based techniques

Surface plasmon resonance biosensor assay for the analysis of small-molecule inhibitor binding to human and parasitic phosphodiesterases

A screening technology paper co-authored by IOTA’s assay expert Dr Paul England

Review publications covering IOTA’s core programmes

Twenty years on: the impact of fragments on drug discovery

A summary of the impact of fragment based drug discovery over the last twenty years

G-protein-coupled receptors and cancer

A review of the role of G-protein receptors in cancer and their use as therapeutic targets

Primary brain tumours in adults

Overview of the most common brain tumours, their epidemiology and current treatments

Drug discovery and development for neglected parasitic diseases

Review on the development of drugs for neglected parasitic diseases