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About IOTA Gene Family Fragment Libraries

Modern drug discovery has benefitted enormously from advances in human genomics. Recent publications on the druggable genome suggests that the human genome encodes at least 5000 well defined molecular drug targets. These fall into specific families of genes, such as the protein kinases, phosphodiesterases, ion-channels, and G-protein coupled receptors.

IOTA offers individually-tailored gene family-based drug discovery platforms to address the involvement of specific members of gene families in human disease. An example of this is the phosphodiesterase (PDE) gene family, which has been the subject of several billion dollar drug discovery campaigns. IOTA is currently working with partners on members of the extended PDE gene family.

One major approach to gene family drug discovery is by using gene family tailored fragment sets. These can be specifically designed to initiate target-based drug discovery programmes. The role of FBDD in PDE drug discovery is the subject of recent work at IOTA.

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